Main Stage Area: Grant Ave. & Washington St.

Mistresses of Ceremony: Ms. Anita Cheung & Ms. Rose Chung

Moon Goddess & Archers: Maggie Wong & Welson Tsoi,

Flora Hui & Dennis Woo

Sound: Gordon Lee


Saturday, September 30th

10:00am          Tai Chi for Health

11:00 am        Opening Parade & Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

                         (parade start: Grant & California)

                         After the Opening Parade & Ribbon Cutting Ceremony:

                         CAAM Interactive Film Contest: Filmmaker Contestant Check-in

                         The Great Star Theater

11:30 am         Yau Kung Moon Lion Dance & Martial Arts Group

12:30 pm        Flying Angels Chinese Dance Group

  1:00 pm        Chung Ngai Dance Group

  1:30 pm        SF Sunset Dance Group

                         Moon Festival Singers: Maggie Wong, Welson Tso, Flora Hui

  2:00 pm        Qi Pao Court Fashion Show & Revue

                         Dennis Woo, Vocalist and Richie Lee, Dulcimer Musician

  2:30 pm        CYC Hip Hop & La La Land

                        AT&T Title Sponsor Presentation

  3:00 pm        Sing Tao Line Dancing

  3:30 pm        Rahiti Hawaiian Dance Group

  4:00 pm        Harbanari Indonesian Dance Company

                         After the Harbanari Indonesian Dance Company:

                         CAAM Interactive Film Contest Screening, Great Star Theater

  4:30 pm        Anita Cheung, Vocalist

  7:00 pm        Evening of Storytelling, Music and Magic,

                         Clarion Music Center, 816 Sacramento Street

  9:00 pm        Illuminated Lion Dancer by LionDanceMe


Bring your story to light! Celebrate Chinatown with CAAM in it's inaugural Interactive Film Contest. For more information (rules, prizes, etc), please go to CAAMedia.org.


Sunday, October 1st

10:00 am        Tai Chi Yuen

11:00 am        White Crane Lion Dance Performance

12:00 pm        Heiwas Taiko Grandmas

12:30 pm        China’s  Spirit Music Ensemble

  1:00 pm        Alice Lui & The Wave

  3:00  pm       AT&T Title Sponsor Presentation

  3:15  pm       Jest Jammin

  5:30  pm       Closing Parade: White Crane Dragon



Along Grant Ave. • Saturday & Sunday

College Fund Band

Scott Tong Hawaiian Group

Jenny Seto Chinese Instruments


* Program subject to change without notice *

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